Malaysia Fellazo Berhad Executive Team

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Since its inception in 2013, the Fellazo Group has rapidly revolutionized the rapid opening of Malaysia's local swallowing and bird's nest industry. Fellazo Group is the first company in the world to master the entire bird's nest industry chain, from Swiftlet House – Raw Birdnets Supply - Wholesale - Processing Factory – Export – OEM - Retail & eCommerce Platform, including Blockchain. It is planned to establish the first “Swiftlet Ecological Park” initiated by Malaysia in 2020 and jointly develop, certify, associate and expand strategically with the Malaysian Technical University of Malacca (UTeM). However, this is only the beginning of a greater achievement. Looking ahead, we have set a goal to become the first unicorn to be a bird's nest enterprise in the US OTC Market and the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (NASDAQ). In addition, we also hope to obtain approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for our products and new drugs developed with bird's nest efficacy.

自2013年成立以来,沸达洲集团已迅速革新了马来西亚在本地养燕和燕窝产业迅速张开改革。沸达洲集团是全球首家掌握了整个燕窝产业链的企业,从燕屋-毛燕批发-加工厂-出口-OEM贴牌-零售直到线上线下的电子商务全产业链,同时也包括了燕窝产业区块链。计划于2020年设立全马首家首创的“燕子生态园”并与马六甲马来西亚技术大学(UTeM) 共同研发、认证、联营和战略扩展方面。然而,这只是更伟大成就的开始。展望未来,我们已设下目标要成为第一家在美国场外交易市场(OTC Market)和纳斯达克证劵交易所(NASDAQ)挂牌的燕窝集团成为燕窝企业的独角兽。此外,我们也希望为旗下产品及以燕窝功效开发的新药,获取美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)批准。

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